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Incredible Clouds Magically Suspended in Empty Rooms

Incredible Clouds Magically Suspended in Empty Rooms
Amsterdam-based artist Berndnaut Smilde is best known for his fantastical Nimbus series, in which individual clouds appear to magically float in empty rooms. The haunting images portray the airy nimbuses drifting through gorgeous Rococo rooms, Gothic cathedrals, and abandoned factories, evoking a sense of mysticism or supernatural presence.
Incredible Dazzling Eyelid Paintings Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg doesn’t just use cosmetics for a little pop of color or to conceal a blemish. No, she’s turned eye makeup into an art form where the eyelid is her canvas. Her tools are eye shadow and eyeliner, and with them she transforms the skin around it into tiny and intricately-detailed paintings. We've been wooed by Peleg’s charming work before and continue to be amazed at what she can do.