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The Lärchwandschrägaufzug Inclined Lift in Austria

The Lärchwandschrägaufzug Inclined Lift in AustriaThe Larchwandschragaufzug is an inclined lift, also known as funiculars, located at Kaprun in Austria inside the Hohe Tauern National Park. Stretching 810 meters over a vertical distance of 431 meters on 8,200 millimeter gauge, it is the largest funicular system in Europe.

The Backyard Trains of Hanoi

The Backyard Trains of Hanoi The Old Quarter in Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi is a bustling area of small, narrow streets packed with hundreds of buildings with charming colonial architecture, Buddhist temples and pagodas all crammed next to each other. As the name denotes, it is the oldest area of the town and has long been an important economic center.

Cute Cat Has a Striking Two-Toned Face

Cute Cat Has a Striking Two-Toned Face
Venus, a cute and cuddly feline living in North Carolina, has beautifully striking features about her. The chimera cat’s face is half-black and half-tabby colored, and in addition she has two different colors of eyes. Venus’ rare markings have made her a popular animal on the Internet, and a Facebook page and Instagram account depict her sweet and loving personality. She also seems to receive a lot of fan art, too!

Amazing Sculptures of Ocean Waves and Watery Landscapes

Amazing Sculptures of Ocean Waves and Watery Landscapes  Self-taught artist Ben Young creates stunning sculptures of ocean waves and watery landscapes by layering multiple sheets of hand-cut glass. Young, who also surfs and builds boats professionally, is inspired by his upbringing in New Zealand's beautiful Bay of Plenty. His affinity for the sea is clear in his extraordinary glass works, which portray both the gentle tranquility and the powerful force of Mother Nature's tides.

The Kobuk Valley National Park, in Alaska

The Kobuk Valley National Park, in Alaska The Kobuk Valley National Park, in Alaska, is one of the most remotely located national parks in the world. Situated on the edge of the arctic circle, this park has no roads that lead to it. The only way to reach it is by foot or sled, or by chartered air taxis. No wonder, it is one of the least visited in the National Park System. Enclosed within the 1.7-million-acres park, lies the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes, one of Alaska's true oddities, and a vestige of the immense continental glaciers that once covered much of North America.

Amazing Glass Bottomed Hotel Bedroom in Bali

Amazing Glass Bottomed Hotel Bedroom in Bali Who wants to sleep with the fishes? But shrimps is another story. Set over a freshwater shrimp pond, Udang House, also known as the Shrimp House, at the Bambu Inda Hotel in Bali, features a bedroom with tempered glass floor panels that reveal a panorama of crustaceans in action. The room is built from teak wood, and adorned with authentic shrimp baskets converted into lamps, fishing nets and paddle to create a “fishing village experience”.

Creative Metal Animal Sculptures by John Lopez

Creative Metal Animal Sculptures by John Lopez
Artist John Lopez created these wonderfully animal sculptures out of scrap metal. They are the work of artist John Lopez who welds the pieces from abandoned farm machinery. Based in the town of Lemmon, South Dakota, the 43-year-old has created full-size representations of creatures including a horse, buffalo and even a cowboy atop a triceratops.

Festival of Music and Light | Sydney, Australia

Festival of Music and Light | Sydney, Australia Vivid Sydney, a festival of light art, music, and ideas, is going on now in Sydney through June 9, 2014, whose founder is a well-known musician Lou Reed, and helped his wife Laurie Anderson.  So it was at first, but now the festival has an impressive team of organizers. It is also noteworthy that the festival has outgrown itself and today is considered a significant event not only for the metropolis. In Sydney attracts thousands of tourists and music fans to take an active part in many related events. We will not focus on the musical part of the festival and offer you some of the most striking images of the light part of the event.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 Online – Live Streaming

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 Online – Live Streaming
It’s been just 5 days of FIFA World Cup 2014 and football fever has already reached to maximum level amongst fans, people who cant make it to Brazil are stick to their television sets and watching football matches at bars, restaurants, pubs etc. Unfortunately amongst them few are still not able to watch world cup matches live due to work, meetings, errands, and outings.
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A Street-Legal Batmobile

A Street-Legal Batmobile
Zac Mihajlovic is a huge Batman fan and he put a lot of hard work into building this Batmobile. He did everything he had to in order to make sure that this amazing vehicle is street legal, so he can hit the McDonald’s drive-thru with this thing anytime he wants.

Santos Express Train Lodge: A Hotel in a Real Train

Santos Express Train Lodge: A Hotel in a Real Train Photo credit: Santos Express Train Lodge An old train parked on Santos beach in the harbor town of Mossel Bay in the Southern Cape of South Africa has been converted into a pretty little hotel. Called the “The Santos Express Train Lodge” or simply “Train”, the lodge sits on a pair of abandoned rails roughly 30 meters from the sea.

World Globe Live Traffic Widget

World Globe Live Traffic Widget In this widget feature you may get the Live Statistics,Widget Gallery,Get 2D Map,Get the Mini Version or RevolverMaps Standard.Revolver Maps are interactive visitor globes rendered by the Revolver Engine. Check the widget on the below anduse the buttons or drag to navigate.The Revolver Graphics Engine is a strongly specialized 3D renderer. It's available as a Java version as well as a Flash version. The RevolverMaps Service bases on both implementations. World Globe Live Traffic Widget

World Globe Live Traffic Widget
 World Globe Live Traffic Widget

Apple Unveils iOS 8

Apple Unveils iOS 8Apple today unveiled iOS 8, the new version of the mobile software, iOS 8, boasts a new way for users to interact with notifications — text messages, calendar updates or Facebook posts — without launching individual apps. A new e-mail feature allows users to set aside the message they're writing with a downward swipe to retrieve information from another document.

Adorable Leon on Wheels

Leon on Wheels
At just over three weeks of age, little Leon Trotsky has more spunk than most who are ten times his size and he has already beaten the odds not once but twice. Being born a ‘farm’ pig, Leon was destined for the plate, but then an accident caused by his injured mum (which claimed the life of two of his siblings) saw Leon up against it again