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Archstoyanie :The Largest Art Festival In Russia

Archstoyanie: The Largest Art Festival In Russia Photo credit
Nikola- Lenivets is the small village of thousands of people, it is a Russian village about 200 kilometers of Moscow. It is situated on the banks of river Ugra, amazing art land. It was first started in 1989 to the intensity of the city life. Many employers work in his studio. He started to create the installation of large-scale of the environment. Every year thousands of people go to see this festival.
 He constructed it with the materials at hand like snow, hay, and twigs. The amazing village first time hosted the festival of Archstoyanie architecture festival in 2006. This event usually takes place annually and artists from many countries participate in it. Many artists from Japan, France, and Germany created long-term installation and create new temporary for the "Nikola-Lenivets Parks". It attracted the audience of architecture and art. The comparison between the burning man and archaic standing is also wonderf…

Wonderful Landscapes Of Nothern Norway Captured By Sergery Lukankin

Wonderful Landscapes Of Nothern Norway Captured By Sergery Lukankin Sergery Lukankin is a photographer and adventure, he likes to travel. Recently he traveled to Northern Norway and captured the heart touching scenes of the islands of Senja and Lofoten of the country. He used a drone camera. He provided a rare view of the beautiful icy land. His spectacular video shows the mind-blowing view of the northern areas.
He captured the beautiful clicks and endless snow which are covered mountainscapes, giants fjords, and icy ocean coastlines. Its bridges provide a connection between the regions of populated towns. We can easily see the colorful wooden houses on the remote island. The incredible thing of Norway is that the northern areas of Norway have 24 hours of daylight in summer and 24 darkness during in winter. This is also included in best places in the world. We should visit these places because it has many features that are unique. This place is rare in the world.
Wonderful Landscapes Of…

Massive Wall of the Kumbhalgarh Fort, India

Massive Wall of the Kumbhalgarh Fort, India Photo credit
Kambhalgarh is th 2nd most important citadel in the region of Mewar, state of Rajistan. Which is situated in India. It is the Aravali range. There are almost 32 forts build which is build by the Rajput ruler who was the rular of Mewar Kingdom. The length of its wall is 36 km long, and the width of the wall is 15 to 25 feet. This fort was built in fifteen century.Maharana was made it and Rajbut rulers built 32 forts of the Mewar kingdom.It is amazing thing that the great wall took almost a century to construct. It is the second largest wall of the worlds, after the wall of the great wall of china. It is also called the great wall of India. Inside it, there are  360 Jain and Hindus temples in it. A palace is also in it that is called " Badal Mahal". or Palace of Clouds. From the top of the Palace, it is very easy to see kilometers into the Aravalli Range. We can also see tha Thar desert from here. This is the amazing place …

Eye-Catching View Of Colorful Buildings Of Istanbul

Eye-Catching View Of Colorful Buildings Of Istanbul Istanbul is the beautiful city of Turkey. It is a fabulous city I have ever seen. It has many lakes, big buildings, beautiful cars and many other historical places. There are many beautiful pictures in the pictures. The special thing about the photography of the artist is that he took many photos of the multi colors buildings. So it is an interesting thing to capture some amazing photos of buildings which have different colors.
 An amazing photographer Yener Torun took some beautiful click of the colorful side of Istanbul. He is a talented 32-year old architecture. He displayed an important side of the city Istanbul through his photography. He elaborated on the industrial area. He found developing urban neighbourhood. He looked strong lines, better colors and beautiful location of the Istanbul. He wasted his time to find such type of places. He also found many places that were grey and dull. But he liked colorful places. So these are…