Top 10 Best Photographs For 2012

Top 10 Best Photographs For 2012
seahorse checks out divers watch and own reflection underwater
These top 10 best photographs are taken out of 50 photographs of 2012 from the twistedsifter.Where these are photos are titel as the name of picture of day, take a look i hope that you will like these.... 
Above Photograph by Don McLeish
picture at the start of a 1km long snow tunnel with person facing camera lighting up the tunnel with a fire torch
Photograph by Michael Zelensky

honey bee stinging human arm with stinger left in arm flying away with trail of abdominal tissue captured
Photograph by Kathy Keatley Garvey

thousands of kung fu fighters arranged in concentric circles for heritage day demonstration
Photograph by China Foto Press


First Contact

Photograph by Liss Ard Estate
Photograph by bbe022001 on Flickr
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