Majestic Place To Visit Lavender Field In England

Majestic Place To Visit Lavender Field In England
Sweetheart and I left our house in the late morning and drove to the Mt Shasta Lavender Farms, located twenty minutes north of Mt Shasta City, California, on a 3500 ft. sunny slope, growing lavender for oil, ornamentation, and culinary use.
The most stunning, unadulterated view of Mt Shasta was a sight to see.
I wore my boots and took off into the lavender fields. I walked the 90 ft. diameter Lavender Labyrinth and viewed the beautiful valley below.
I meandered in the fields inhaling the clipped lavender sprigs of the 20-acre farm and enjoyed the magnificent views. 
The young ladies were working in the fields using a small sickle to harvest the lavender.
The small sickle needs sharping for easy clean cutting. I don't think I'm going to be using a sickle real soon. 
A beautiful terrace to drink lavender lemonade and enjoy more beautiful views.
Check out the fabulous Lavender Shop and the beautiful blue doors. 
So French Provence!
Please come inside and look around.  Beautiful bunches of Lavender.
You pick Lavender  $4/100 stems.
This lavender is sold to use for crafts.
A beautiful bouquet of Lavender. 
A basket of sachets and the quintessential lavender wand.

Special lavender is harvested for culinary use.