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TOP 10 museum openings of 2013

TOP 10 museum openings of 2013
 Danish maritime museum by BIG

 BIG has completed the danish national maritime museum in helsingør, a scheme which combines existing historic elements with an innovative concept of galleries and way-finding. the project reflects denmark’s historical and contemporary role as one of the world’s leading maritime nations. a series of three double-level bridges span the dry dock, working as an urban connection, as well as providing visitors with short-cuts to different sections of the museum.

 photo © luca santiago mora
image courtesy of BIG

 TOP 10 museum openings of 2013
Kimbell art museum expansion by renzo piano

photo by robert polidori
image courtesy of the kimbell art museum

a new structure, doubling the kimbell art museum‘s previous amount of gallery space, has been constructed by renzo piano building workshop. setting up a dialog with louis kahn’s 1972 masterpiece, piano’s design echoes the original structure through its scale, layout and materials, with concrete, wood and glass used throughout. the colonnaded pavilion provides room for temporary exhibitions as well as classrooms and studios for the museum’s educational department.
 TOP 10 museum openings of 2013
Perez art museum miami by herzog & de meuron
 photo © iwan baan
‘perez art museum miami’ has opened its doors to the public, three years after the project’s groundbreaking. the scheme, completed by herzog & de meuron, serves as an extension to museum park and forms a new public space within the city. showcasing international art from the 20th and 21st centuries, the gallery also hosts a variety of educational activities and workshops.
 TOP 10 museum openings of 2013
Museo jumex by david chipperfield

photo by rene catalan foglia

designed by david chipperfield architects, the museo jumex in mexico city is the fundación jumex arte contemporáneo’s new exhibition platform. located in plaza carso, polanco it is home to the largest private contemporary art collection in latin america. the museum includes 1,600 square meters of exhibition space that will allow the foundation to offer expanded academic and educational programming aimed at those interested in contemporary art.
 TOP 10 museum openings of 2013
Serpentine sackler gallery by zaha hadid

image © luke hayes, 2013

the serpentine sackler gallery designed by zaha hadid opened to the public in september. the renovation project has seen the transformation of the magazine, a former 1805 gunpowder store positioned a short 7-minute walk from the serpentine gallery, on the north side of the serpentine bridge.
 TOP 10 museum openings of 2013
Museum of european and mediterranean civilisations (MuCEM) by rudy riccioti

image © lafarge library  / charles plumey faye
image courtesy of lafarge

located in the port city of marseille the museum of european and mediterranean civilization (MuCEM) opened to the public in may. the museum, the first in the world dedicated to mediterranean culture, features a pioneering exterior filigree skin of delicate pre-stressed concrete. french architect rudy ruccioti envisioned a dialogue between the light-admitting, wind-cutting concrete lace and the expansive volume of the cultural institution.

 TOP 10 museum openings of 2013
Kyushu geibun kan by kengo kuma

image courtesy of kengo kuma and associates

Kengo kuma‘s ‘kyushu geibun kan’ creates a gateway to a museum and cultural center situated on a vast landscape in fukuoka, japan.

 TOP 10 museum openings of 2013
Rijksmuseum renovation by cruz y ortiz arquitectos

image © pedro pegenauteimage courtesy of cruz y ortiz arquitectos

 Spanish firm cruz y ortiz arquitectos’ competition-winning design for the dutch treasure trove, rijksmuseum, opened in april. the 10 year architectural endeavor was complex, regarding both the technical challenges of the below-sea-level site in amsterdam and the massive conceptual task of overhauling a national institution.

 TOP 10 museum openings of 2013
St louis art museum extension by david chipperfield

photo by jacob sharp
image courtesy of saint louis art museum and architectural wall systems

Designed by david chipperfield architects, the east building increases gallery and public space by 30 percent with 21 new galleries for the collection and temporary exhibitions. the inaugural exhibitions in the east building feature some 230 works from the museum’s extensive holdings of postwar german art and american art.
 TOP 10 museum openings of 2013
China wood sculpture museum by MAD architects

image © iwan baan
image courtesy of MAD architects

 In the ever-growing city of harbin, china, MAD architects has completed the ‘china wood sculpture museum’. the 200 meter-long twisting structure is informed by the gnarled burls of wood expressed architectonically with a skin of polished steel plates. 

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