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Empuriabrava, Spain’s Own Venice

Empuriabrava, Spain’s Own Veniceempuriabrava-15
Empuriabrava is an unusual town on the coast of Girona, the Costa Brava in Spain. It is one of the largest residential marina in the world with more than 40 km of navigable canals, 5,000 boat moorings and home to 7,800 local residents, which swells to 80,000 at the height of the summer season. Empuriabrava is often called the Venice of Spain.

In Empuriabrava, the sun shines almost 300 days a year. There is a magnificent wide sandy beach, several kilometers long that’s popular among sunbathers and swimmers, as well as to those who like to engage in all sorts of water sports. In addition, Empuriabrava is a paradise for skydivers. Just north of the town is Europe’s largest and busiest Skydiving Centre - Skydive Empuriabrava, considered to be among the three best in the world.
Empuriabrava, Spain’s Own Veniceempuriabrava-5
Empuriabrava, Spain’s Own Veniceempuriabrava-11
Empuriabrava, Spain’s Own Veniceempuriabrava-12
Empuriabrava, Spain’s Own Veniceempuriabrava-9
Empuriabrava, Spain’s Own Veniceempuriabrava-1
Empuriabrava, Spain’s Own Veniceempuriabrava-3
Empuriabrava, Spain’s Own Veniceempuriabrava-6
Empuriabrava, Spain’s Own Veniceempuriabrava-7
Empuriabrava, Spain’s Own Veniceempuriabrava-8
Empuriabrava, Spain’s Own Veniceempuriabrava-13

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