World’s Largest LEGO Batmobile

World’s Largest LEGO BatmobileWorld  s Largest LEGO BatmobileEGO pop artist Nathan Sawaya recently unveiled one of his latest creations: an 18ft. long Batmobile made of 500,000 LEGO pieces. Sawaya spent the next three months honing the design and getting ready to build a full-sized, 18-foot-long car made of solid LEGO bricks, 500,000 of them to be exact. That’s right: half a million.
It will be the centerpiece in his joint global exhibition with Warner Bros. and DC Comics called The Art of the Brick: DC Comics.   The Art of the Brick: DC Comics will begin its world tour in Sydney, Australia in November.
World’s Largest LEGO BatmobileWorld’s Largest LEGO Batmobile
Via TechnabobNerdist 


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