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Incredible ‘Lo Res Car’ United Nude

Incredible ‘Lo Res Car’ United Nude united nude challenges conventional vehicle forms with lo res car
The ‘s car’ is part of the united nude ‘lo res project’, which was started several years ago and has become an important signature of the brand’s style. the design method is based on the principle of reshaping the same object in a series, each time lowering the 3D resolution, resulting in a more fragmented and abstract contours each step of the way. 

Incredible ‘Lo Res Car’ United Nude united-nude-lo-res-car-designboom-02the car is powered by an electric motor

Incredible ‘Lo Res Car’ United Nude united-nude-lo-res-car-designboom-03the ‘lo res’ sits two passengers
Incredible ‘Lo Res Car’ United Nude united-nude-lo-res-car-designboom-04the rear of the united nude polycarbonate body
 the capsule lifts using electric actuators
Incredible ‘Lo Res Car’ United Nude united-nude-lo-res-car-designboom-06the steering wheel is made from polished stainless steel
Incredible ‘Lo Res Car’ United Nude united-nude-lo-res-car-designboom-07

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