Solar Powered Glow in the Dark Sidewalks

Solar Powered Glow in the Dark Sidewalkspath-1Now we are going to see the Solar Powered Glow-in-the-Dark Sidewalks which is a brilliant idea and looks totally amazing to walk or ride on the glowing paths. The most amazing thing about these glowing tiny things is that this are charge from the sun rays totally solar concept which can be glow about 10 hours.
The things behind this idea is urban planners in Lidzbark Warminski, Poland who uses the phosphor which is also known as ‘luminophores’ are the small tiny thousands of glowing crystals which are place on th side walk in the night they become glow.Related to this solar powered i have post Wonderful Blue Glowing Rock and Sea in Okayama, Japan but both look like same but his is natural.
Solar Powered Glow in the Dark Sidewalkspath-2Solar Powered Glow in the Dark Sidewalkspath-3Solar Powered Glow in the Dark Sidewalkspath-4

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