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Stolen Theater by Shakespeare

Stolen Theater by  Shakespeare
On a cool, cold December night in 1598, around twelve men with swords, blades and axes unobtrusively broke into performance theater in Shoreditch, found simply outside the city of London. With lanterns in their hands, those men worked eagerly all for the duration of the night, destroying the performance center nail by nail, and stacking the stripped timber onto wagons. When the first light of day break, the performance theater was no more. 

The vandals being referred to were the Lord Chamberlain's Men, the dramatic troupe to which William Shakespeare was associated . For many years, the Chamberlain's Men performed at Shoreditch's Theater. This theater, that was built in 1576, was the second perpetual performance theater that worked in England, and the first one that got successful for the purpose of dramatic productions.
Stolen Theater by  Shakespeare
The Theater of Shoreditch, the one that Shakespeare’s men dismantled.
Stolen Theater by  Shakespeare
Reconstruction of the Globe theatre based on archeological and documentary evidence.
Stolen Theater by  Shakespeare
A model of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London
Stolen Theater by  Shakespeare
Stolen Theater by  Shakespeare
Stolen Theater by  Shakespeare
Stolen Theater by  Shakespeare

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